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Here's Why Metasphere's New Product Portfolio Matters

We recently updated our product portfolio to include a suite of six customer-centric hotel software. They're designed to function as one entity and help our clients deliver better guest experiences.

So you may ask yourself, what is the big fuss about? We've covered all the things you need to know in this short blog post.

What Is Metasphere’s New Product Portfolio?

Well, to start, the new product portfolio includes a full suite of six guest-centric hotel software.

So you may be wondering what we are referring here. Well, when we talk about guest-centric hotel technology, we mean:

Solutions that have a larger influence on the guest's journey and have been created with the hotel guest in mind.

We designed our full suite of hotel software to touch all facets of the guest journey. At the same time, our ultimate goal is for the company to become a one-stop shop for hotels.

The full suite of hotel software include:

Why Did the Company Update Its Product Portfolio?

Let’s face it. The hotel industry is undergoing a digital transformation that the pandemic has accelerated.

But other than that, the hotel guest experience is changing, and guests are demanding more from hotels. We believe that we can solve the challenges that hotels face by, you name it, guest-centric hotel software.

Yet, it is hard for many hotels to adopt hotel technology and integrate it into their hotel operations, especially if it comes from many vendors.

Therefore, the main goal of our product portfolio update was to:

1. Focus on hotel software that has a bigger impact on the guest's journey.

2. Strengthen our current hotel ecosystem.

Although it could have stopped there. We took it - two- steps further.

1. Improved Our Hotel Ordering System Guest Ordering

We took our digital hotel menu solution, “Guest Ordering” to the next level by seamlessly integrate it into TaskHub, our hotel task management tool.

Hotels that use our guest ordering solution will now take and manage incoming orders using our automatic task dispatch system. Essentially this allows for a more efficient order taking for your room service department.

Hotel Task Management System Metasphere

2. Launched a New Version of a Hotel Kiosk

We're also excited to launch our new, stunning hotel kiosk called the Self Check-In Hub. With this solution, your guests can start the check-in experience at home and complete it on property.

It also supports check-out, upgrades, facial recognition, and your guests can even make a new hotel reservation.

Hotel Kiosk Contactless Check-In

But that's not all of it.

One of the biggest barriers for hotels to deploy their own hotel kiosks is the high integration costs associated with their Property Management System integration.

So we decided to offer an alternative solution that eliminates the need for integration to your hotel PMS using our automated technology—making the deployment process easier, quicker, and more affordable.

Are you interested to read our press release? Click here.


To help hotels improve the guest's experience in every facet of the hotel journey and strengthen our existing hotel ecosystem. We recently announced that we updated our product portfolio in a press release.

The updated portfolio includes a full suite of six guest-centric hotel software. These hotel solutions include: Self Check-In Hub, Customer Relationship Management, Sales Account Management, TaskHub, Guest Ordering, and Executive Dashboard.

Aside from updating our product portfolio, we also enhanced two of our hotel software: our Guest Ordering and Self-Check-In Hub.

Our guest ordering solution has been integrated into our task management system, TaskHub. Thanks to the automatic task dispatch, room service will be able to take guest's orders even quicker.

While our Self Check-In Hub is a new innovative, hybrid hotel kiosk, it is designed to overcome the challenges of property management system integration by eliminating its need.

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