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7 Connected Hotel Solutions

Designed to Work Seamlessly as a Unit or as Stand-Alone Products

Metasphere offers a suite of seven interconnected hotel solutions that leverage automation to efficiently manage hotel operations. From contactless self check-in to hotel sales software and a

hotel CRM, our solutions streamline processes and enhance guest experiences.


Hotel Solutions: Front of House


Provide your guests with a seamless check-in and check-out experience.


Create memorable hotel delivery experiences using robots.

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Your personal concierge, available 24/7.

Hotel Solutions: Back of House


Gain access to hotel sales data in real-time to convert leads to paying hotel guests.


Nurture the guest's journey through automated marketing activities and loyalty programs.


Manage your hotel operation with ease using automated task management.


Get instant insights on your performance and answers to critical business questions.

Ready to transform your hotel experiences into something extraordinary?

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