A Hotel Sales Software Designed to Boost Your Strategy Effectiveness

Metasphere's Hotel Sales CRM gives you instant access to real-time hotel sales data to help you better understand what your global sales team is doing and how they are performing at every step of the hotel sales funnel.


Sales and Lead Management

Convert your leads into sales faster. Our hotel sales tool breaks down the hotel sales funnel into four stages: new, working, nurturing, and converted. In this way, you ensure that your hotel sales team follows the same procedures and maintains relationships with prospects at every stage.

Centralized Hotel Guest Database

Access all information you need at your fingertips. Store and access all of your leads' contact information and data, including their personal information, sales history and more in master guest profiles. Duplicate profiles are a thing of the past, as our scanning feature will automatically alert you when similar accounts exist.

Metasphere Hotel Sales CRM is the ultimate tool to mange leads in hotels
Metasphere Hotel Sales Software with Hotel Lead Management Functionality

Manage All Your Properties

Our Sales CRM solution has everything you need to supervise all activities throughout your entire cluster sales team. From sales data, contact information to contracts - everything is easily accessible in one unified system.

Analyze Your Team's Performance with Our Reports

Need to make data-driven decisions? We've got you covered with multiple sales reports on a micro and macro level that will help you implement initiatives to increase TrevPAR or improve your account management strategies.


Build Your All-Star Sales Team with our Hotel Sales Tool

Gain an overview of your entire sales team - from a global enterprise to an individual level. Our STAR module will help you track all your hotel sales strategies, turn those strategies into actionable goals, and get real-time insights into how your team is performing against related goals.

Hotel Sales Software with STAR Module to track Hotel Sales Strategies
Hotel Sales System - Sales Team Visualization

Key Functionalities

Metasphere Hotel Sales CRM is compatible with multiple properties.

Multi-Property View


Manage all your properties in one unified system.

Metasphere Hotel Sales CRM is integrated with Metaphere CRM

CRM Integration


Integrate with our CRM for a 360-degree view.

Metasphere PMS integration with Oracle's Opera PMS System

PMS Integration


Real-time sales data from our Opera PMS integration.

STAR Module is functon for strategy effectivenss in Metasphere Sales Software

STAR Module


Manage all your sales strategies with ease.

Sales CRM Solution


Suitable for smaller properties and sales teams

Lead Management

Opportunity Management

Case Management

Account Management

Contact Management



Recommended for hotel groups with multi-properties

Everything in Basic

Mobile Access

Strategic Management

Tactic Management

Revenue Management

Business Dashboard


All-in-one solution suitable for larger groups

Everything in Essential

Incentive Management

Campaign and Mailing List

Digital Contract

Customized Reports

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