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Tailored Solution

PMS Interface

Hotel Analytics


Monitor Performance at Any Time

Get instant insights into your performance and answer critical business questions anytime. At Metasphere, we created a hotel dashboard to take your decision-making to the next level.

Hotel Dashboards

Centralized Database

Multiple Property

Hotel dashboard with hotel analytics


Unify data across all your hotels

From our seamless multi-property data collection, user-friendly interface to data visualization. We relieve you of the burden of navigating through hotel reports so that you can focus on making data-driven decisions.


Customized to your needs

Every hotel is unique and faces different challenges. We customize the hotel dashboard to track your hospitality metrics, marketing campaigns, and custom hotel data sources across all departments.

Powerful BI Hotel Dashboard Solution
Hotel Database Visualization Through Hotel Dashboard

Hotel Executive Dashboard

Key Functionalities

Multiple Property

Comprehensive data integration for all properties

Tailored Solution

A hotel dashboard built for your operations

PMS Integration

Real-time data from our Opera PMS integration

User Configurations

Access-based employee restrictions and control

CRM Solution


Suitable for mid-to-large hotel groups.

Data Visualization

Multi-Property Functionality

Integrate your Existing Spreadsheets

Operational Data

Customizable Interface

User Configurations and Settings

Completely Tailored Dashboard

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