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Personalized AI Guest Communication

At Metasphere, we help hotels optimize and individualize guest communication using generative AI Email creation

Utilize smart machine learning and give your guests content catered to them based on their unique interests and preferences. Using simple prompts and our built-in segmentation engine,

our generative AI Email creation module will automatically create personalized emails for all your guests.

AI Personalization

AI Generative Email Creation

Guest Nurturing and Retention

Customized Content

Advanced Guest Segmentation

Email Automation

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Tailor interaction for every guest

Embrace the power of tailored content in email marketing and unlock the full potential of your campaigns. Connect with your guests on a personal level, increase engagement, and drive conversions like never before.


Precision targeting with the power of automation

Our built-in AI segmentation engine allows you to create your own guest segments based on revenue, pipeline, demographics, and behavioral criteria. Pinpoint your guests’ exact wants and needs and target content to the right audience.


Track responses to collect more guest data

Our email automation automatically integrates guests into your system when they perform any of the actions you track, allowing you gain to insight into key consumer behaviors. Track consumer feedback to stay in touch with your guests and direct your next marketing move.

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Email generation


Send the right message to the right people at the right time

Create a seamless personalized marketing initiative by automating welcome emails, product reminders and recommendations, and individualized promotions. Take repetitive tasks off your to-do list to free up time for other valuable tasks.


Enhance guest relationships with personalized content

Using simple segmentation parameters, our AI Generative Email creation module can create custom email campaigns that drive ROI and conversions. Make email marketing effortless by leveraging smart machine learning and exceed guest expectations.

AI Personalization

Key Functionalities

Email Automation
Guest Engagement

Automate personalized email campaigns

Track guest interactions to ensure an individualized experience

Tailored Content

Utilize AI Generative Email creation to personalize content and promotions

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