Hotel Ecosystem: The Solution to Your Most Critical Hotel Problems

At Metasphere, we have embarked on a journey to create the world's leading automation ecosystem. We believe our hotel ecosystem can solve some of the most critical problems in the hospitality industry.


Today's Challenge of Integrating Hotel Technology

The Interoperability Issue

The hospitality industry's landscape is rapidly evolving, forcing hotels to turn to different hotel technology providers to meet new customer needs and overcome internal challenges. But some vendors are notorious for their high integration costs and inability to integrate into a hotel's existing tech stack.

The Impact in a Hotel

Technology interoperability in a hotel is of paramount importance. A hotel with conflicting tech infrastructure made up of multiple vendors will often end up with systems that can not communicate with each other at the expense of the guest experience and employee productivity.

Stronger Together with a Hotel Ecosystem

To remedy this, we brought all our solutions together under one hotel ecosystem. The secret behind it? An advanced integration platform using a centralized database with master data management.


By seamlessly integrating our solutions into a hotel ecosystem, the data in our systems are interconnected and can function as a single entity. It enables our clients to deliver guest-centric experiences across all channels, streamline their operations and reduces integration costs.


What's Next?

In line with our vision to:

Create the world's leading automation hotel ecosystem.


We continue to actively engage in developing our existing products with new cutting-edge features and inventing new competitive solutions that help our customers stay ahead of the emerging trends.

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