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Hotel Ecosystem: The Solution to Your Most Critical Hotel Problems

At Metasphere, we're dedicated to crafting the world's leading automation hotel ecosystem. We've developed a comprehensive integrated hotel solution tailored to address your most urgent hotel problems and solutions.


The Challenge of Integrating Hotel Technology

The Interoperability Issue

Hotels often adopt various technology solutions from different vendors, each serving specific purposes. However, these systems don't always speak the same language or share data seamlessly. This lack of interoperability creates hurdles, leading to inefficiencies, data isolation, and potential disruptions in hotel operations.

The Impact in a Hotel

The significance of technology interoperability can't be emphasized enough. When a hotel's tech setup comprises multiple vendors with conflicting systems, it hampers communication between them. This, in turn, adversely affects guest experiences and staff efficiency.

Uniting Forces with a Hotel Ecosystem

Our solution? Bringing all our offerings under one comprehensive hotel ecosystem. The secret sauce? An advanced integration platform fueled by a centralized database and master data management, ensuring smooth operations and heightened efficiency for our clients.

By seamlessly integrating our hotel solutions into a unified platform, we create interconnected systems that function as a cohesive unit. This empowers our clients to deliver guest-centric experiences across all touchpoints, streamline operations, and reduce PMS integration costs.

Hotel Ecosystem
Hotel Ecosystem Contactless Guest

Guest customization

Mobile pre check-in

Automated email marketing

Your Entire Hotel Tech Stack

Our solutions cater to every aspect of the hotel journey, facilitating seamless self-check-ins, lead conversions, email marketing, and guest loyalty through automation.

Front of House

Pre Arrival
During Stay
After Stay

Back of House

What's Next?

In line with our vision to:

Lead the way in hotel automation ecosystems globally


We're continuously enhancing our existing products with state-of-the-art features and developing new, competitive solutions to keep our clients at the forefront of emerging hotel trends.

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