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About Metasphere

How Can New Technology and Legacy Hotel Systems Blend Seamlessly?

For centuries, hotels have suffered from the complexity of integrating hotel technology at the expense of the guest experience and employee productivity.


We are here to change it through our hotel ecosystem.

About Us
Metasphere Hotel Ecosystem

About Metasphere

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Our Story

Metasphere Technologies Inc. was founded in 2002 as a provider of procurement systems to some of the world's largest retail brands. Recognizing the need to bring cost-effective and innovative solutions to the hospitality industry. We set out to transform the industry with automated and interconnected technology.

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Our Goals

Keeping up with the pace of today's market is a challenge for hotels. We believe automation and interconnected technologies can help hotels stay agile in today's dynamic environment. We commit to developing innovative, competitively-priced, and interconnected hotel software to help hotels thrive.

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What We Do

Our growing product portfolio includes seven seamlessly connected cloud-based SAAS applications. These solutions range from contactless check in and hotel CRM software to sales system.

And this is just the beginning of our journey.

Our Vision: To create the leading hotel automation ecosystem.

Our Mission: To empower our clients with advanced automation technology to deliver seamless and exceptional guest experiences throughout the hotel journey.

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Where We Operate

Besides our headquarter in Detroit (USA), we have employees in China and the Philippines. We also work with partners in different regions, serving hotels worldwide, from Singapore to the United Arab Emirates.

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Verified PMS Interface with Opera Hotel System

We are proud to have validated integration and certified Opera OXI interface with Oracle's Opera Hotel System / Property Management System.

We offer integration to third-party products. These products include Dormakaba and Assa Abloy's door locking system, First Data and WireCard payment systems, and Singapore's E-Visitor Authentication (EVA) System.

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Metasphere interface with dormakarba door locking system
Metasphere interface with assa abloy door locking system


Years of Experience







Company Culture

Our employees have years of technical and management experience internationally and a natural curiosity for innovation. We believe that our team is the key to our future success. We strive to provide a dynamic and inclusive environment where they can grow and achieve great results.

About Metasphere

We bring possibilities

We empower people

We encourage teamwork

We promote diversity

We value great ideas and results

Are You Ready to Reimagine Your Hotel Experiences?

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