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Guest Personalization

Loyalty Management

Centralized Database


Engage with Your Guests at Every Stage of the Hotel Journey Through Automation

Know your guests better and reach them with the right content, communication methods and services at the right time, with the help of predefined segmentation and email automation.

Guest Profiling

Data Segmentation

Automated Email Marketing

Hotel CRM Software - Guest Profile


Target your content to the right audience

Our Hotel CRM software features a hybrid segmentation engine, enabling you to create guest segments based on revenue, pipeline, demographics, and behavior. It allows you to set these segments manually or utilize AI assistance. This ensures personalized marketing strategies, leading to improved guest engagement and satisfaction.


360° view of your hotel guests

Unlocking personalized experiences hinges on your adeptness in utilizing guest data. With our centralized hotel database, you can effortlessly capture and store guests' information in real-time, encompassing their expenditure and accommodation history across all your hotels, seamlessly integrated with our Opera Hotel System.

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Metasphere Hotel CRM Guest Segmentation

10.10.2022 Receives a survey upon check-out

01.10.2022 - Welcome e-mail is sent

08.10.2022 - An in-house promotion is sent upon check-in

12.02.2022 New hotel promotions are sent


Create an automated hotel guest journey

Streamline your email campaigns by automating the sending of emails based on predefined triggers and customer actions. You can set up personalized and timely email communications, delivering relevant content to your audience without manual intervention.


Customized experiences through guest data

Enable businesses to create customized and tailored experiences for their customers. By leveraging data from various sources, such as past interactions, purchase history, and preferences, the CRM system can deliver personalized content, recommendations, and offers.


Build your loyalty program with our hotel CRM

Customer recognition is more important than ever before. Offer a multi-tiered loyalty program and reward your hotel guests and bookers. Give them points and benefits to incentivize their loyalty and repeat purchases.


Enhance guest profiling for personalized experiences

Empowers businesses to build comprehensive profiles of their guests, helping them tailor their interactions and offerings to each individual's unique requirements, ultimately leading to a more successful and customer-centric approach.

Hotel CRM Software - Guest Profile
Hotel CRM Software - Guest Profile

Hotel CRM Software

Key Functionalities

Multiple Properties

Centralized hotel database for all your properties

Loyalty Program

Build your multi-tiered hotel loyalty program

PMS Integration

Real-time data from our Opera PMS integration

Sales and Automation

Automated email marketing and hotel lead management

CRM Solution


Perfect for small-to-mid-sized hotels that are starting with email automation.

Advanced Guest Profiling

Centralized Database

Guest Segmentation Builder

Event-Based Campaigns

Triggered-Based Campaigns

Drip Campaigns

One-Off Campaigns

Marketing Analytics and Dashboard


Recommended for mid-to-large hotels focusing on marketing and sales pipeline.

All in Standard, Plus:

Hotel Lead Management

Convert hotel leads in 4-steps.

Account Management
Access to all account contact details, spending, and hotel sales activities.

Lead Segmentation

Segment leads for hotel marketing initiatives.

Sales Reports

Access to lead and revenue reports.


Suitable for hotel groups seeking to build a complete loyalty program.

All in Pro, Plus:

Loyalty Program

Set up a tiered-level loyalty program.

Redemption Management

Configure redemptions in the hotel and third-party channels.

Award Management

Add award catalog and set-up restrictions and criteria.

Loyalty Reports

Loyalty, Awards and Points reports.

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