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What are the Benefits and Common Issues of a Hotel Sales CRM Software?

Many companies depend on technology to ensure accuracy and fast response on various tasks. This results in technology software and digitalization being on-demand these days. Although it is a given fact that every software has its pros and cons.

In this blog, we will list down most of the common issues hotels are experiencing with their sales CRM software. But before we go deeper into that topic, we may want to know how beneficial hotel sales software is.

Hotel sales software insights and analytics

Five Reasons Why Sales Team Adopts a Hotel Sales CRM

According to Method, there are 5 reasons why the sales team adopts a sales CRM software.

1. Superior Lead and Opportunity Management

Hotels use sales software to automate lead collection from various channels. Once a lead or prospect enters a hotel’s sales CRM system, the sales team through constant communication will have the chance to convert these leads to opportunities.

2. Sophisticated Sales Pipeline

Most if not all hotel sales CRM has built-in sales pipeline functionality which differs depending on the hotel’s sales process. This helps the team organize leads, identify potential ones, and prioritize activities.

3. Improved Workflow Management

A sales process is a time-consuming procedure for every sales team. Using hotel sales software serves as an effective workflow management tool and every salesperson can focus on building relationships than spend more time on administrative tasks.

4. Stronger Customer Relationships

Having the access to a customer’s transaction history and interests could help a salesperson anticipates his client’s needs and thus can easily negotiate and upsell opportunities.

5. Improved Alignment between Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing often work on different objectives in the hotel industry. Sales CRM software helps create synergy and brings both teams together.

Now that we have tackled some of the benefits of using a hotel sales tool, we can now look into the common issues hotels are experiencing with their Sales CRM software.

Common Problems of a Hotel Sales CRM

Expert Market compiles a list of common issues some companies are experiencing with their sales CRM software. Let’s go through each of these issues and see if you or your team is currently experiencing any of them.

Common issues every sales team is facing in hotel sales CRM software

1. Under-utilization of the System

A sales CRM software has functionalities that help the hotel make the most of its data and resources by using it to nurture a customer’s experience. However, some hotels don’t take the system to their advantage due to a lack of awareness of its benefits and inability to explore its full functionalities.

It is a given fact that not all functionalities can be useful to a particular hotel. It is better for a hotel to have a customizable sales software or probably a downgraded version that could also save them some costs in the process.

2. Security Issues

Due to the vast data stored in the system, some of the users or even the hotel management may have these questions in mind.

  • “How secure is my data?”

  • “What can I do to ensure its safety?”

There are 2 types of Sales CRM software that a hotel can avail:

  • On-premise software requires full hands-on on the system’s security from the installation of anti-virus technology to regular updates on the system.

  • Cloud-based software handles its own cybersecurity and is considered safer than on-premise software.

Although, whichever type of sales tool suits your hotel’s requirements, it is advisable for the hotel to have full awareness of the security of its system to avoid issues later on.

3. Choosing the Wrong Software

Another issue which some hotels are facing is choosing a software that does not meet their requirements and thus is considered ineffective in achieving their objectives.

Some companies are blinded with a great sales CRM offer that would meet their budget. But does this tool meet the hotel’s priorities?

It is better for a hotel to consider mainly their objectives in choosing a Sales CRM software to avoid wasting money on a tool that does not resonate with them.

4. Out-of-date Information

To have an effective hotel sales tool, hotels must ensure to have a clean software and database. The system must be free from bouncing emails or unresponsive contacts. The system should also have updated contacts from company to job title and basic contact information in the database.

For example, we don’t expect the hotel to send 1000 emails and get 50% bounced ones or address a wrong person with an outdated email address.

With the use of Sales CRM software, the hotel should be at ease in reaching the right customers at the right time considering that everything in the hotel industry is constantly changing especially at this present time.

5. Expensive Software

Definitely, acquiring a hotel sales CRM tool is an investment on the hotel’s part. And with every investment comes an expected ROI.

There could be a lot of factors that hinder the hotel from achieving the ROI yet. This could be implementation issues, poor engagement on the software, or lack of awareness from employees.

With the combination of the system’s functionalities and the sales team’s hard work, a hotel can easily see an increase in revenue of 40% per salesperson. A better analysis of the system’s production could also help the hotel decide if the system provides a good value for money.

6. Privacy and Ethical Issues

As per the survey done by Software Advice,

A significant majority (74% ) said their system offered improved access to customer data.

But how do they properly make use of these data?

All hotels using Sales CRM software must be aware of the General Data Protection Regulation or which is known as GDPR. Every hotel sales CRM tool holds vast customer data collected from different channels. Hotel needs to ensure that they are in compliance with GDPR and are properly using these customer data whilst prioritizing the customer’s privacy.

Remember that a customer entrusted a hotel with their information thus they expect the hotel to be more cautious and responsible in using their data.

7. Low Employee Engagement

Not all hoteliers are the same. There are those who are somewhat opposed to changes and technology and those who are satisfied with the current process. This is one of the main challenges most hotels are facing when imposing a new work process or software.

Keep in mind that technology is created to make jobs easier, faster, and more reliable. Proper training and full support should be given to each salesperson to help them foresee the potential in using a hotel sales software. In the long run, they will be fully aware of how useful this system is for them and will eventually increase their engagement with it.


As cliché as it may sound, but nothing is perfect in this world. Every software has its strengths and weaknesses. It’s up to the user or the hotel how to convert these weaknesses to their strengths. Choosing the correct sales CRM software requires thorough planning and laid-out objectives.

The points mentioned above are just some of the points taken from customers’ experiences. A hotel user may discover more potentials or drawbacks of a particular sales and catering software while using it and it’s always advisable to build stronger communication with the system provider to address such issues and come up with a solution together.

In our previous blog about hotel sales CRM, we shared some of the advantages and disadvantages of the software. Feel free to have a glance at it and learn more about hotel sales CRM software.

We at Metasphere Technologies Inc. are willing to help you discover how potential a sales CRM is for your hotel and discuss further how we can help you achieve your hotel’s objectives.

Schedule a demo or contact us directly today for a free consultation.

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