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Metasphere Technologies Integration with Mews PMS Revolutionizes Hospitality

Metasphere Technologies Integration with Mews PMS Revolutionizes Hospitality


Jan 8, 2024

Seamless integration between Metasphere and Mews elevates hotel operations and enhances guest experiences.

Metasphere Technologies, a competitive force in hospitality technology, is delighted to announce the successful integration with Mews PMS (Property Management System). This strategic collaboration brings forth an exciting opportunity for hotels using Mews PMS to seamlessly implement our innovative solutions, with a particular emphasis on our cutting-edge self-check-in kiosk technology.

Metasphere Technologies is at the forefront of revolutionizing guest experiences in the hospitality industry. Our suite of solutions, known for enhancing guest experiences and ease hotel operations, empowers hotels to deliver unparalleled service and efficiency.

Mews, a globally recognized leader in hospitality technology, provides an adaptable and efficient Property Management System trusted over 5000 hotels worldwide. The integration boosts the capabilities of each company's products and solutions, delivering a comprehensive approach to enhance hotel management.

The integration of Metasphere Technologies with Mews PMS opens up a realm of possibilities for hotels seeking to enhance their guest services. A key highlight of this collaboration is the seamless implementation of self-check-in kiosks, allowing hotels to embrace modern technology and provide guests with a streamlined and contactless check-in experience.

Key Benefits for Hotels:

  • Effortless Integration: Seamlessly incorporate self-check-in kiosks into existing Mews PMS infrastructure.

  • Enhanced Guest Experience: Modernize the check-in process, providing guests with a convenient and contactless solution.

  • Operational Efficiency: Streamline front desk operations, reduce check-in times, and optimize staff resources effectively.

How to Implement:

Hotels currently using Mews PMS can easily adopt Metasphere Technologies, including the self-check-in kiosk solution. Implementation details and support information are available by contacting Metasphere Technologies via their website or through Mews Marketplace.

Metasphere Technologies Inc. has helped hotels stay globally competitive for many years through its market-leading solutions incorporated into a hotel ecosystem.


Click here to learn more about Metasphere’s products and solutions.


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