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Metasphere Enhances its CRM for Hotels With Automation and Pipeline Modules

Metasphere Enhances its CRM for Hotels With Automation and Pipeline Modules


Mar 7, 2022

After months of preparation, Metasphere Technologies Inc. is proud to announce new ground-breaking features for its Hotel CRM.

Metasphere Technologies Inc. proudly announces the enhancement of its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for hotels. The new modules will help hotels create targeted marketing campaigns that help improve conversion rates, manage their sales pipeline efficiently, and improve the guest experience.

“The COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing labor shortage had a significant impact on hotel businesses, with some changes that we believe will be permanent. We are extremely pleased to share the news today that we have further enhanced our CRM with new advanced automation and analytics features. These new updates will help an increasingly smaller sized- sales and marketing teams in hotels work more efficiently, deploy effective strategies that will drive profitability.” said Frank Liu, President and founder of Metasphere Technologies Inc.

The company has developed new modules for its CRM, including an advanced market segmentation, email automation, and lead management. The features and benefits of the newly released modules include:

  • Create advanced guest segmentation based on 20+ criteria for targeted communications.

  • Schedule automated and behavioral-based marketing activities with ease.

  • Convert leads into customers through an efficient lead conversion process.

  • Gain access to advanced email marketing analytics.

These core modules will be available in Standard, Pro, and Advanced packages starting from 08.03.2022. For more information on Metasphere’s Hotel CRM, please visit the company’s website.

Metasphere’s CRM is an award-winning cloud-based solution that helps hotels efficiently engage with guests throughout the guest journey to nurture loyalty. The software allows hotels to access real-time data using Metasphere’s certified 2-way interface with Opera Hotel Property Management Software and is equipped with advanced features. These features include a centralized database, email automation, sales lead management, and loyalty program functionalities. More than 100+ hotels in over 20 countries globally have selected Metasphere as their preferred Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provider.

Metasphere Technologies Inc. has helped hotels stay globally competitive for many years through its market-leading solutions incorporated into a hotel ecosystem.


Click here to learn more about Metasphere’s products and solutions.


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