Nurture Your Guests' and Bookers' Loyalty at Ease with a Hotel CRM

Nurture the guest's journey through automated marketing activities and building your loyalty program with Metasphere's Hotel CRM Solution. All while rewarding your bookers with benefits and points that will incentivize loyalty.

A Complete 360° View

Take full advantage of your data to understand your guests. From real-time data across several hotels to each of your guest's behavioral factors. Our CRM gives you full access to the guest's stay history, loyalty, campaign conversions and more in one centralized guest profile.

Build Your Own Loyalty Program

Customer recognition is more important than ever before. Offer a multi-tiered loyalty program and reward your hotel guests, agents, and bookers with points and benefits to incentivize their loyalty.


Data-Driven Decision-Making

Gain access to powerful reports that will help you improve your marketing conversion rates and guest loyalty engagement. Including your guests' stay history, points statements and revenue reports.

Centralized Guest Database

Our centralized database lets you store corporate accounts and individual guests' data in real-time, including their spending and historical-stay records across all hotel properties by utilizing our Opera Property Management integration.

An Automated Hotel Guest Journey

Our guest nurturing module utilizes advanced automated technology and artificial intelligence to help you create AI-powered guest segmentation and deliver a hyper-personalized experience throughout the entire guest journey. 


01.10.2022 - Welcome e-mail is sent

08.10.2022 - An in-house promotion via SMS upon check-in

10.10.2022 Receives a survey upon check-out

18.02.2023 A personalized promotional e-mail is sent

22.02.2023 Makes a new hotel reservation

Key Functionalities

Multiple Property


Centralized database for all your properties.

Loyalty Program


Build your multi-tiered loyalty program.

PMS Integration


Real-time data from our Opera PMS integration.

Guest Nurturing Module


Automated and AI-powered marketing activities.

CRM Solution


Suitable for multi hotel properties.

Loyalty Management

Centralized Database

Integration with SilverPop

Campaign Management

Loyalty Program and Awards Configuration


Recommended for mid-to-large hotel groups seeking to automate loyalty processes.

Everything in Essential

Guest Nurturing Module

E-mail Survey

Customized Reports

Data Cleansing

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