Transform Your Guest Journey with Contactless Self Check-in Experiences

Provide your guests with a great experience through a digital check-in journey with Metasphere's Self-Service Kiosk. Free up your staff from routine tasks and allow them to focus on what really matters - your guests.

Four Versatile Hotel Self Check-In Solutions

All hotels are different. What works for your competitors may be different for your property. At Metasphere, we provide four versatile self-service solutions suitable for your preferences.

Metasphere Desktop Pre-Check-In
Metasphere Mobile Pre-Check-In
Metasphere Hotel Self Service Kiosk

Self-Service Kiosk

Mobile Check-In

Metasphere Hotel Mobile Check In Digital Room Key solution

Hybrid Experience

Metasphere Hotel Self Service Kiosk actual image
Metasphere Mobile Pre-Check-In
Metasphere Mobile Pre-Check-In
Hotel Mobile Check In Digital Room Key

A Seamless Self Service Experience

Our hotel self service kiosk features an automatic key card dispenser and comes with a hotel-branded interface that supports check-in, check-out, and walk-in guests. Plus, with our easy-to-use upselling feature, we make it easy for you to capture revenue opportunities at every stage.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

We eliminated the manual intervention of controlling identification documents by using artificial intelligence face recognition. As a result, we can offer a 100% contactless hotel check in kiosk in certain regions.

Metasphere Kiosk screen

✔ Check-in 

✔ Check-out

✔ Walk-in guests 

Desktop Type

Hotel self service kiosk - Desktop - Metasphere Technologies Inc.


Hotel self service kiosk - Standalone - Metasphere Technologies Inc.


Hotel self service kiosk - Component Based - Metasphere Technologies Inc.

Types of Self Service Kiosks

Our hotel self service kiosk comes in three varieties: desktop, standalone and component-based. 


One of our smallest options that can be placed directly

on the reception desk


Comes in a beautiful set of colors:



Can be built into your existing furniture.





The Hybrid Check-In Experience

Our hybrid experience removes the friction between each check-in phase. By starting the pre-check-in at home, guests can skip mandatory steps at the kiosk on the property to get access to their room quicker. Your hybrid digital guest journey experience starts right here with Metasphere.

Hotel self check in kiosk - Desktop type- Metasphere Technologies Inc.

Key Functionalities

Versatile Solutions


Available in different solutions based on your preference.

AI Facial Recognition


Our hotel kiosk can scan guest identification document using artificial intelligence.

PMS Integration


Real-time data from our Opera PMS integration.

Hybrid Self Check-In


Combine the power of self service solutions in one hybrid experience.

Self-Service Kiosk


Your convenient self-service solution.

Check-In, Check-Out and Walk-In

Upselling Functionality


Folio and E-Printer

Passport and Visa Scanning

Automatic Key Card Dispenser

Payment Gateway


Your hotel-branded and digital check-in journey.

Everything in Basic

Customizable Interface


AI-Powered Facial Recognition


Your contactless and modern mobile check-in experience.

Check-In, Check-Out and Walk-In

Upselling Functionality

Passport and Visa Scanning

Payment Gateway

Customizable Interface


AI-Powered Facial Recognition

Hotel Information and FAQs


Your frictionless and omni-channel check-in experience.

A combination of Essential and Mobile functionalities in one package

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