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Properties From Millennium Hotels and Resorts to Join Metasphere’s CRM

Properties From Millennium Hotels and Resorts to Join Metasphere’s CRM


Aug 24, 2021

M Social New York and Millennium Broadway New York: The Growth of Loyalty Engagement through Metasphere’s CRM Solution

The growth of CRM solutions as an ally of the hotel industry is clearly visible nowadays. Hotels worldwide, even prior to the pandemic, give importance to customer relationship management as this helps to achieve profitable operations through targeted marketing and gain loyalty from deeper relationships with its individual and corporate guests and bookers.

Two properties situated at Times Square in New York namely M Social New York, a new property under Millennium Hotels and Resorts recently opened on May 26 of this year, boasts 480 contemporary rooms with modernized facilities and services, and Millennium Times Square New York (formerly known as Millennium Broadway Hotel) which offers 750 rooms and suites and 33 conference rooms, has joined Metasphere’s CRM Solution.

Having the CRM Solution implemented, these properties foresee a possible increase in loyalty engagement through anticipating guests’ interests and understanding their behavior. Metasphere’s CRM Solutions intends to provide an overview of guest interaction towards the company’s marketing initiatives globally, by region or property. It can also gain insights through advanced reporting and access to mailing lists based on the demographic and behavioral characteristics of each guest. Through the CRM web-based platform, the marketing team can perform activities such as initiating loyalty membership enrolment, upgrade membership tiers, set up policies and reward programs, and much more.

Metasphere Technologies Inc. has a vision to create the world’s leading service automation, and CRM Solution being one of its products helps in delivering automated services by allowing a company to digitally transform and create a 360° view of the guests.

Metasphere Technologies Inc. has helped hotels stay globally competitive for many years through its market-leading solutions incorporated into a hotel ecosystem.


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