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What is the E-Visitor Authentication System for Hotels in Singapore?

Singapore is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. So it may come as no one's surprise that it is also one of the first countries to implement facial recognition for hotel kiosks.

The system, called E-Visitor Authentication System (EVA) has been in use ever since 2019 - But it has only recently gained traction in Singapore.

In this short guide, we'll go deeper into how this relatively new and ground-breaking hotel technology is used in kiosks in hospitality industry in Singapore.


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What Is Singapore E-Visitor Authentication System?

The EVA system was launched by the Singapore Tourism Board and the Singapore Hotel Association on November 6th, 2019 in Singapore and is a part of a wider digitalisation plan for the hotel industry. In its essence, the EVA system is an initiative to reduce hotel check-in time by up to 70% and make the check-in experience smoother and more secure.

The system is connected to either a mobile app or a standalone kiosk as a part of an existing contactless digital check-in sequence. Whereby a facial recognition technology has been added to the scanning sequence of the passport to identify whether or not the image of the passport matches that of the guest.

Once the guest’s identity has been confirmed, then the guest data Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) to verify the validity of his stay and get their room key.

Why Is E-Visitor Authentication Beneficial for Hotels?

There are many reasons why your hotel should use the EVA system in your contactless check-in solution. For once, it will reduce the time your employees will spend confirming the individual guest's face matches their passport photo and verifying their legal stay in Singapore.

The reduction in check-in time will translate to over 11,000 hours saved annually for a large hotel and allow front-office staff to spend more time engaging guests. - Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry Chee Hong Tat

Other key benefits of the hotel e-visitor authentication system include:

  • Faster verification of guests’ stay validity.

  • Seamless check-in experience for guests.

  • Reduces human error.

  • More time for hotel front office staff to interact with the guests' thanks to the saved time.

  • Improve guest satisfaction levels.

How Can a Singaporean Hotel Enroll in the EVA System?

The easiest way to use the revolutionary EVA System in your check-in process is to select a vendor that is officially approved to use the system.

At Metasphere, we are one of very few vendors in the world that are approved for the EVA System. Our hotel kiosks use biometric facial recognition to authenticate your guests’ identities and send the data to ICA to verify their stay.

We're making it easier for our clients to streamline their processes and reduce the waiting time during check-in. If you want to learn more about our digital check-in solutions for Singaporean hotels, schedule your free demo today!


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