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Specific functionalities

To ensure smooth transactions, Metasphere will offer:

CRM – Metasphere CRM meets and exceeds clients’ expectations during their guest journey. It speeds up the process of collecting guest data, enhance communication to guests, and manage loyalty program.

Metasphere Hotel CRM offers:

  • Data AnalyticsMetasphere Data analytics gathers all data from the inception of the solution up to the current time. It helps the business to track all the data that is needed from day to day.

  • Guest Management - Metasphere's CRM system triggers and schedules messages to guests upon reservation providing an embedded link which allows them to update their preferences or join the hotel’s whatsapp group to receive offers and promotions.

  • Email Marketing -This involves reaching out to guests via email and WhatsApp channels that are dedicated to sending out notifications, invitations, offers, and scheduled emails such as welcome email and thank you letter.

Self-Check-In Hub - A self-check-in kiosk provided by Metasphere which offers guests personalized experience across several touch points.

Self Check-In Hub Offers:

  • Pre-Check-in – the pre-check-in helps guests to check-in at their convenience using their own device which reduces time on the check-in process.

  • On-site Check-ina functionality which offers a complete contactless check-in, allowing guests to personally handle their own check-in process from the payment to passport/id scanning and generating room key cards. This functionality works with less or no human intervention allowing hotel staff to reduce mundane tasks and focus on other operational tasks.

  • Check-out –offers the guest a streamlined process and personalized experience by allowing them to review their data and an option to print or receive their folio via email. Like check-in, this functionality will reduce the manual operations of the staff and eliminate possible errors from the checkout process.

  • New Reservation - Metasphere offers customized experience by allowing guest to choose their room preferences and additional services. it also allows hotel staffs to gather data in most efficient way with less human error and manual data inputs.

Overall, Metasphere’s solutions help hotels in improving data exchange by minimizing the need for human data entry and errors. It will automate the method in order to reduce repeated and mundane tasks and improve the process flow.

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