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Metasphere Technologies and Cloudbeds Integration Redefines Hotel Operations and Elevates Guest Experiences

Metasphere Technologies and Cloudbeds Integration Redefines Hotel Operations and Elevates Guest Experiences


Feb 8, 2024

A seamless fusion of innovation and hospitality excellence unleashes new heights in guest services and operational efficiency.

Metasphere Technologies, an industry innovator in hotel technology and a provider of cutting-edge solutions for the hospitality sector, is delighted to announce its latest integration with  Cloudbeds PMS, a premier property management system trusted by tens of thousands of properties worldwide. This strategic partnership not only signifies a notable achievement for both Metasphere and Cloudbeds but also unveils novel pathways for streamlined operations and heightened guest experiences.

This revolutionary integration seamlessly incorporates Metasphere's innovative solutions into Cloudbeds PMS, offering hotels comprehensive tools for self-check-in, contactless check-in, efficient housekeeping management, and more. The incorporation of these features is set to transform hotel operations, empowering establishments to embrace the latest trends in guest experience and digital services.

The facets of the integration between Metasphere and Cloudbeds include:

  1. Enhanced Guest Experience: Centered on amplifying the guest experience, the integrated platform introduces inventive features such as self-check-in and contactless check-in. These advancements contribute to a smoother, more personalized guest journey, fostering satisfaction and loyalty.

  2. Optimized Hotel Task Management Software: The integration introduces streamlined hotel task management software, optimizing food & beverage and housekeeping operations through digital solutions. This not only elevates service and cleanliness standards but also enhances overall operational efficiency.

  3. Diverse Solutions Beyond Self-Check-In: Expanding beyond the self-check-in solution, Metasphere's integration with Cloudbeds PMS introduces a range of innovative offerings, catering to diverse needs within the hospitality industry. From marketing tools to operational efficiency enhancements, hotels can explore a comprehensive suite of solutions.

  4. Hotel Digital Marketing Advancements: The integration enhances hotel digital marketing capabilities by seamlessly incorporating Metasphere's suite of solutions into Cloudbeds PMS. This synergy empowers hotels to maintain a competitive edge by leveraging cutting-edge technology for targeted marketing strategies.

Metasphere Technologies takes pride in its listing on the Cloudbeds Marketplace, granting hotels easy access to explore and adopt these innovative solutions. The marketplace listing enhances visibility, offering convenience for Cloudbeds PMS users to discover and integrate Metasphere's offerings.

The integration with Cloudbeds PMS signifies Metasphere's commitment to advancing hotel operations and guest experiences. By combining digital marketing expertise with features like self-check-in, the aim is to empower hotels to thrive in the digital era of hospitality.

Metasphere Technologies invites hoteliers to explore the integrated solutions and discover how the collaboration with Cloudbeds PMS can transform their operations, boost hotel digital marketing efforts, and elevate the overall guest experience.

For more information, please visit Metasphere Technologies or explore the Cloudbeds Marketplace.

Metasphere Technologies Inc. has helped hotels stay globally competitive for many years through its market-leading solutions incorporated into a hotel ecosystem.


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