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Do You Need a CRM in Hospitality Industry?

The world, let alone the hospitality industry, is experiencing unprecedented challenges right now. There has been a dramatic shift from being outside to staying at home, mainly promoting a remote working setup and enforcing travel restrictions.

Hotels worldwide are struggling to navigate in this complicated environment. Other than laying off employees, they find it challenging to initiate long-term strategies and are stuck in the old ways.

So within this environment, is CRM in the hospitality relevant?

What is a Hospitality CRM?

Hospitality CRM is software that manages all aspects of a hotel or resort's customer relationships. It typically comes with a centralized hotel database to store data points across multiple sources.

And it allows for easy access to customer data, guest profiles, and reservations. It’s built to keep track of the relationship between hospitality businesses and their guests, such as maintaining records of purchase orders and sales and demographics information.

  • Centralized Hotel Database

  • Guest Profiles

  • Email Automation

  • Hotel Rewards and Incentive Program

  • Guest Surveys

A CRM Foster Customer Relationships with a Hotel CRM

Now, more than ever, it is the most significant time to connect with your guests and nurture long-term relationships. It is a great time to reflect and rethink what hotel CRM strategy works and what used to work.

As we move forward, the importance of CRM in hospitality industry will grow. Why? Well.. A hotel CRM software improves customer relationships and can be seen as a reliable way to streamline hotel processes, align departments internally, and foster guest loyalty in your hotel.

Let me give you an example. Over the past few years, we have seen a dramatic shift in guest preferences. Today's tech-savvy hotel guest demands convenience, personalization, and predictable experiences.

This is why they gravitate towards experiences tailored to their needs, offer them convenience by reducing friction in the buying process, and provide them with a personalized stay.

... And that is where the CRM for the hospitality industry comes in.

A hotel CRM can facilitate, bridge, and encourage communication and, even better, create a targeted and more focused approach using segmentation.

CRM for hotels creates loyalty

A Hospitality CRM Can Unlock Your Full Potenti

In today's context, your hospitality CRM software must have a dashboard or an advanced reporting module in today's context. Normally all of the best crm for hotels include this. As this will help you visualize crucial data in a manner that enables you to adopt a data-driven decision-making approach.

So that it will be easier for you to analyze trends and patterns more efficiently and identify growth opportunities.

One notable example of this is Metasphere's Hotel CRM which has incorporated an advanced report feature into its CRM. Through its report sections, hotels can track a distinctive customer segment easily. Review their membership enrollment, monitor customer spending such as RevPAR and ADR, and much more.

When it comes to apply data-driven decision-making in hotels, we recommend you to:

  1. Set specific and measurable goals.

  2. Track the data on a specific period.

  3. Take time to analyze the data and the act by formulating and initiating a strategy

How to Maximize Your Results From a Hotel CRM Software

There are are so many benefits of CRM in hospitality industry. But let's finish up by reviewing some of the ways that a hotel can extract the maximum value from its hotel CRM software. To name a few, check out below:

  1. Set priorities and goals for your hotel. Define clear objectives, and preferably in measurable, quantitative numbers.

  2. Ensure that your hotel database is up to date. Frequently review and clean up your hotel guest database for incomplete information, update if necessary by reaching out to customers. This will help to reduce inaccurate information and bounced e-mails.

  3. CRM for hotels continuously evolves. Have your procedures kept up with it? Take time and review your processes. You might be surprised to find that you'll find new ways to conduct a specific task.

  4. Stay agile, leverage the analytical capabilities of a hotel CRM. Start using it in all your decision-making, big and small.

  5. Always remember that the secret of personalization is through customer data. Seize every opportunity to learn more about your hotel guests and utilize it when deploying hotel marketing activities.

Analyze customer data with a hotel CRM

About Metasphere Technologies Inc.,

Metasphere Technologies Inc. has helped hotels to stay globally competitive for over 15 years through its market-leading product portfolio of solutions built on I.T. technologies in process management, business intelligence and service-oriented architecture. Click here to learn more about Metasphere's products.

Metasphere Technologies Inc’ has a team of talented professionals based across the world, including USA, China, United Arab Emirates and the Philippines. The company’s solutions are installed in leading hotel chains and multinational enterprises worldwide.


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