Unify All Your Hotel Systems

Realize your full potential by using centralized data storage at your hotel for seamless communication between systems and applications.

Metasphere's Integration Platform helps you prevent communication errors and discrepancies between applications by unifying systems.

Centralized Database

Don't let your hotel systems prevent you from providing a great guest experience. Our centralized data storage and multi-system integration will enable you to integrate and share data seamlessly across all hotel solutions.

Master Data Management

Our master data management solution combines and processes data from multiple sources. Through one access point, your business can access data more securely and accurately.


Key Functionalities

Tailored Solution

Tailor the integration platform to your business


Combines all your software seamlessly

Master Data Management

Record all data across internal and external sources

Integration Platform


Perfect for effectively sharing data between systems and applications.

Master Data Management

Centralized Data Storage

Multi-System Integration

Completely Tailored Solution

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